David P. Cantrell

DPC Head Shot 2 8-20-15David P. Cantrell lives with his wife of nearly four decades in the beautiful California coastal community of Arroyo Grande. He is a retired CPA, enthusiastic (but not particularly good) home cook, and avid reader. He enjoys history, historical novels, science fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, crime, thrillers, contemporary fiction and even a western now and again.

Before a spinal cord injury in 2009, he spent his creative efforts on woodworking, building a variety of items, from chessboards to a Murphy Bed. The spinal cord injury left him paralyzed, but with the help and love of his wife and caring therapists, he was able to recover significant function. Woodworking was behind him, and he accepted that.

A chance encounter with a Science Fiction author named Jasper T. Scott changed his life. Dave accepted the offer to be a beta reader on one of Jasper’s Dark Space novels. He had no idea what a beta reader was supposed to do, so he did what he wanted to do. Jasper was understanding of Dave’s newbie status, but more importantly, he was encouraging and complement Dave’s efforts. At nearly the same time, several friends encouraged him to start a blog. He did create a blog to record some of his rambling thoughts. Somehow the flame to write a novel was lit in the process.

His first attempt, Disturbance – The Vetting  was published on Amazon in July 2014 and pulled off of the market the following December. It’s currently being revised and lengthen to complete the tale in one book rather than the originally planned two books.

Dave’s blog can be found at www.DaveSaidIt.blogspot.com 


2 thoughts on “David P. Cantrell”

  1. I received an email sent to my spam folder from a James Cowan that said his partner Mr. David Cantrell was interested in hiring me for a part time job. Below is the email. It had a warning that many people had reported similar emails as phishing scams. I have sent off query letters to agents of spiritualism, science fiction, and such lately about my 666 book idea. Can you please confirm if this is or isn’t you? What’s odd, is that James Cowan is an author of, and you are too of the types of agents, authors, and publishers I sent the queries too. One James Cowan has confirmed it wasn’t him and that it sounds like a hack. The emailer spells his name at the end of his email as James Coman. My email is david.w.johnson0316@gmail.com. If this is not you, I am sorry. For a brief moment I thought someone was actually interested in hearing about my 666 idea. Thanks.


    My partner Mr. David Cantrell from New York, United State of America, has a part time Job offer for you. please contact him through his e-mail: (dancan20017@gmail.com) if you are interested, for more details.if


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