Bleakbourne on Heath Series

“Look at the sky and the thousands of stars. That which we believe to be the sum of everything is merely one room in the creator’s house. Who knows what mystery lurks in the room next door? It may be like and yet unlike… The world we know is only one shadow away from a different reality, a place where magic rules and history took a divergent path.”



Bleakbourne front Cover copy Small for websiteChapter 1 Tenneriffe’s Curse

Chapter 2 The Demon Knight

Chapter 3 The Green-eyed Stallion

Chapter 4 The Girl and the Dragon

Chapter 5 The Devere Talisman

Chapter 6 Dark Magic

Chapter 7 Love’s Stony Path

Chapter 8 The Killing Wood

Chapter 9 Ambrose

Chapter 10 Flora and the God of Debauchery

Chapter 11 The Ugly Truth

Chapter 12 Morgause

Chapter 13 Dark Matters

Chapter 14 Emydin’s Cave

Chapter 15 Singing the Wood

Chapter 16 An Tuscar

Chapter 17 The Forest Tavern

Chapter 18 Hard Truths

Chapter 19 Chapel of the Mo0n

Chapter 20 Chapel of the Moon part two

Chapter 21 Homecoming

Chapter 22 Confessions

Chapter 23 Putting it Into Perspective

Chapter 24 The Darkness Within

Chapter 25 The Demon Gains A Point

Chapter 26 Bonfire Dance

Chapter 27 Siegfried


“Bleakbourne on Heath” 

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