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Our own Lee French has a new release in her YA Spirit Knights series, Ethereal Entanglements. Pick it up at Amazon!

Lee French

This past Tuesday, Ethereal Entanglements released. This is book 3 of Spirit Knights, a young adult, paranormal, modern fantasy series about ghost hunting in Portland. Book 4 will have to wait a little while, as I have some other projects with deadlines to deal with. Hopefully, Ghost Is the New Normal will be out in time for Norwescon 2017.

If you missed it, Girls Can’t Be Knights rocketed up the Amazon charts to reach subcategory bestseller status on June 15-17 as a result of some professional promotions work, and it’s now in a whole lot more hands than it was before. I need reviews, though! If you’ve read it, please leave a review. A sentence or two is fine.

I also need reviews of book 2, Backyard Dragons. Comment with a link to your review of Knights–because book 2 has a much better grounding if you’ve read book 1!–and…

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Please #ReadMe: Into the Woods, a fantasy anthology

MyrddinAnthologyECoverAuthors Lee French, Stephen Swartz, and I are starting the new year with short stories in a wonderful anthology published by Myrddin Publishing Group, Into the Woods. I was privileged to be the lead editor on this project.

To celebrate the launch, Myrddin Publishing is having an all-weekend-long Facebook party, with Myrddin Authors dropping in and out over the course of the next few days. There will be gifts, and prizes and just fun and games with the Myrddin crew. The online Facebook Party starts here, so stop on by and and hang out with us!

This collection of amazing tales came about almost by accident.

One day last summer I was looking through stock images I’d found for a cover I was designing for another author. I came across a wonderful image of a lonely house set in the woods. I’m not sure why, but suddenly, like the proverbial dog after a squirrel, I was off looking at images of houses in the woods–like that was going to get any work done.

Of course, my brain is hardwired to write stories, so I found myself imagining all sorts of scenarios and plots to go with these amazing images. Then, it occurred to me that if I was inspired to write by these images, my fellow authors here at Myrddin Publishing would also be.

I threw out a challenge to the group: Write a short story about a house in the woods. The only caveat was the tale had to fall under the genre of fantasy, and the theme was “a house in the woods.”

And wow! What a response– I received nine wildly different tales, ranging from humor to ghostly, to romantic, to horror. Altogether, these ten tales are some of the best I have read.

In the first tale, “A Peculiar Symbiosis,” Alison DeLuca gives us a moving story of a man who discovers he loves his wife–but only after she is dead.

The Forest House” is my own take on the Tam Lin tale. Tam Lin is a character in a legendary ballad originating from the Scottish Borders as collected by Francis Child, but there are many tales from all over northern Europe featuring variations on his name, and the story will have slight variations. It is also associated with a reel of the same name, also known as Glasgow Reel. I had always wondered if Tam Lin and the Faerie Queen had a child, and if they had, what would have happened to it when Janet rescued Tam?

In “A House in the Woods,” Edgewise Words Inn Staff member Stephen M. Swartz takes us back to the 1960s with this dark fantasy. Two boys playing in the woods come across an abandoned house, and discover a true ghost story.

Irene Roth Luvaul takes us deep into the forest in “The Guardian.” A woman discovers her family’s history, and the terrible secret a cabinet once held.

Ross M. Kitson offers up a “A Matter of Faith.” In this dark prequel to Kitson’s epic Prism series, an uptight paladin must find a way to work with a free-thinking druid, if he is to be successful in finding and killing a demon.

In “If I Have to Spell it Out”,  singer-songwriter and author Marilyn Rucker lightens things up with her hilarious take on two cousins quarreling over the tenancy of their family home, via letters.

“A Haunted Castle” by Lisa Zhang Wharton shows us that a house can can also be a haunted castle in the Bavarian Forest, in her hilarious, hallucinogenic tale of ghosts, rottweilers, and a costume party.

Myrddin Publishing Group’s own master of horror, Shaun Allan, swings us back to the dark side with a horrifying twist on the Hansel and Gretel tale, with “Rose.” Told with his usual flair for words and style, this is a chilling story of demonic magic. Definitely not your mama’s Hansel and Gretel!

In “Hidden,” Carlie M.A. Cullen takes us deep into the woods, where two young women take shelter from a storm in an abandoned house, with terrible consequences.

MyrddinAnthologyECoverFor the final tale in this treasury, fantasy author and Edgewise Words Inn staff member,  Lee French presents us with a post-Civil War tale of star-crossed love, in her magical tale, “Forever.” Tara and Marcus share a forbidden love–and only one place is safe for them.

I am continually amazed and awed by the talent of the wonderful authors I am privileged to work with, both here at Edgewise Words Inn and at Myrddin Publishing Group. You can purchase this wonderful collection of short stories at Amazon by clicking on the buy button below:

Into the Woods: a fantasy anthology

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Introducing Al-Kabar, a new #fantasy #book

Al-KabarI have a new book out released last Friday to coincide with my appearance at Rose City Comic Con. The story takes place in Ilauris, my fantasy world. Like the book that came before it, Damsel In Distress, this one focuses on a young woman who has to learn how to be her own hero. Unlike that book, this one takes up that mantle with the belief she has to outwardly be a man to accomplish her goals.

Fakhira’s story has many parallels with Disney’s Mulan, but is not a children’s tale. Her struggles take place under the harsh desert sun in a culture inspired by–but quite different from–Ancient Arabia. The peoples of the Ilaurian deserts venerate the Fires and Waters, the two forces of life and death. The Fires inspire Fire Dancers, whispering wisdom into their ears to pass on to the men who rule the lands.

Centuries ago, a Fire Dancer ruled all the sands of Serescine as the Sultan with a troupe of fellow Dancers to advise her. Under her rule, the people prospered and became complacent until men interested in nothing more than power rose up and managed to murder her. Those men refused to agree on a single Sultan among them and fell into petty wars over the matter. Over time, those skirmishes became more about entrenching themselves in regions and controlling resources, especially water.

The Waters, content to lie dormant, have no dancers or other representatives. Until the bloodshed and misery becomes too much to bear. Then, and only then, does an Al-Kabar, a champion of the Waters, rise up to set things right. Whether she feels competent to handle it or not.

Al-Kabar is available in ebook and print from Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. The ebook is only 99 cents until September 26th.


Lee French has published several fantasy and superhero novels, and is a member of the Edgewise Words Inn staff.


Beach Reads: Epic Fantasy, Mountains of the Moon

Are you looking for a character-driven, wryly humorous, rollicking adventure laced with deadly danger and set in a fantasy world? You might like

by Connie J. Jasperson

MOTM_front_coverCharged by the goddess Aeos, Wynn Farmer and his companions face a gauntlet of jagged peaks and deadly traps.

Can they survive the dark secret hidden in Tauron’s crumbling castle before his minotaurs overrun Neveyah?

The Gods are at War, and Neveyah is the Battlefield.

excerpt MOTM

MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON is available in paperback and for the Kindle from


MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON is available in paperback and for the NOOK ebook reader from Barnes &

 Are you a KOBO reader?

MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON is available in every format for every ebook reader including iBooks from

Connie J. Jasperson is an author and blogger, and a regular contributing member of the Edgewise Words Inn staff.