Shilly shalling – Baltimore Sun

If you are around my age, you were probably taught the shall/will distinction in English class. For those of more recent vintage, let me explain this curiosity of usage.

Shall, we were instructed, is proper for first person singular and plural, will for second and third. I shall look into it. Shall we dance? You will note the distinction. He, she, and they will observe it….

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Author: conniejjasperson

Connie J. Jasperson lives in Olympia, Washington. A vegan, she and her husband share five children, a love of good food and great music. She is active in local writing groups, an editor for Myrddin Publishing Group, and is a writing coach. She is an active member of the both the Northwest Independent Writers Association and Pacific Northwest Writers Association, and is a founding member of Myrddin Publishing Group. Music and food dominate her waking moments. When not writing or blogging she can be found with her Kindle, reading avidly.

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