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CJJ_profile_pic_2013I’m not sure who the lady in my author pic is, but I’ve been assured it’s me.  She just looks so serious, and author-like. Usually I don’t spend a lot of time talking about myself here–I save that for my author-blog, Life in the Realm of Fantasy.

But I have a new release in my epic fantasy, World of Neveyah series, and I really want to talk about it!

The World of Neveyah series came about in  2009. I was asked to write a storyline for an old-school RPG, something on the order of the early-to-mid 1990s Square Soft and Enix games. (Did I mention I am a Final Fantasy freak?) What with one thing and another, that ended up not happening, but I had a wealth of plot, maps and character studies. What did happen, was I turned my storyline into the WORLD OF NEVEYAH series of books..

Mountains of the Moon is the newest release in that series but it is the original story that was to be turned into the game. A prequel to Tower of Bones, the book follows the adventures of Wynn Farmer as he and his companions travel high into the mountains to stop the Tauron, Bull God, and his minotaurs from overrunning Neveyah. Nothing goes as it’s supposed to, and Wynn’s general naiveté often causes his companions serious trouble.

The Tower of Bones series is also based in the World of Neveyah, and takes place some forty years after Mountains of the Moon. This epic fantasy series opens with Tower of Bones, and follows Wynn’s grandson, Edwin Farmer, as he journeys deep into the lands claimed by the dreaded Bull God, in an attempt to rescue a girl he has only met in his dreams.

Forbidden Road takes up Edwin’s story six years later. When four mages are sent into the shadowed lands claimed by the mad priest of the Bull God, who will return unscathed? Sorrow, peril, and magic wait in the Valley of Mal Evol.

Valley of Sorrows, the third and final book the TOB series will be published in spring, 2016, and will wind up Edwin’s story, within the World of Neveyah, but there are other stories planned for that world.

In 2010 I heard about NaNoWriMo through a gaming website I was writing HTB Stamp copyfan-fiction for. I used that month to write The Last Good Knight, which was picked up by a small publisher. That relationship didn’t go so well, but I learned a lot.

But that book did spawn, Huw the Bard, one of my all-time favorite characters. Huw Owyn began his life as a side-character in that early book. Huw was naive, yet worldly–and he had a history. I liked him so much that I gave him his own book.

Huw the Bard,  (Genre: Literary fantasy, alternate history, mature readers)

Huw Owyn, master bard, is at the top of his craft. The Spring Conclave for the Bard’s Guild is underway, and Huw is late to the ceremonies. While he lingers with his lady, the guildhall is attacked and destroyed to the last man…all but one.

Smuggled out of the burning city in a reeking ale barrel, Huw is a wanted man. Starving, reduced to begging and worse, he must somehow make his way north to safety. It’s a 200-league walk, as the crow flies, to the one place he might have a friend, though the path Huw must take is anything but straight.

Murder, and the taint of treason – a lot can happen to a man on journey like that.

I also love fairytales, so I wrote a novella,  Tales from the Dreamtime  (Literary Fantasy, mature readers)

Three grownup fairytales in one novella….A conversation with Galahad, a prince on a quest and a goddess in mourning, a stolen kingdom and the Fractal Mirror. Three tales of wonder and great deeds, three tales of heroes and villains.

Tales from the Dreamtime is also an audio book. I had the good fortune to work with the amazing Craig Allen who narrated it. His narration brings the perfect storyteller-like quality to these three old-fashioned fairytales written with new-school twists.

So, now that I have bored you to tears with all this blah-blah-it’s-all-about-me, I leave you with one last thought:  I believe in living life on the edge…of my couch, with the controller in my hand, grinding away and leveling up until my characters can beat the c**p out of the evil bad dude.

Then I write stories. You can buy them at:

Connie J. Jasperson author page at Amazon: http://bit.ly/CJJASPauthor

Connie J. Jasperson author page at Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/CJJaspNookPress

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Connie J. Jasperson is an author and blogger, and a regular contributing member of the Edgewise Words Inn staff.


Author: conniejjasperson

Connie J. Jasperson lives in Olympia, Washington. A vegan, she and her husband share five children, a love of good food and great music. She is active in local writing groups, an editor for Myrddin Publishing Group, and is a writing coach. She is an active member of the both the Northwest Independent Writers Association and Pacific Northwest Writers Association, and is a founding member of Myrddin Publishing Group. Music and food dominate her waking moments. When not writing or blogging she can be found with her Kindle, reading avidly.

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